Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Saturday Bath on Tuesday--Minding my own beeswax

Ever since I rediscovered soapmaking a few years ago, one of my goals has been to incorporate as many local ingredients as possible. In spite of living in a largely rural area, finding beeswax that I use in my sugar scrubs and lip balms hasn't been so easy.

However, a beekeeping friend of mine is learning how to render beeswax. Since she says she is "practicing," she sold it to me cheaply until she is happier with her rendering results. She recently delivered a box of it to me while I was at the farmer's market recently. I've always liked the smell of beeswax, but Cindy's is stronger than any other beeswax I've sniffed. Lucky for me and my customers, the rich honey fragrance was so strong that I wasn't compelled to sit with my face buried in the box for the next few hours.

Here are a few yellow jackets who couldn't resist the scent of cooling beeswax and happily floated themselves to their eternal rest...

I decided to just go with the little non-insect "impurities" (which I thought only added to its natural, rustic charm). But they took care of themselves and sunk to the bottom of my mixing cup.

Here are some lip balms I made. Both were made with yellow beeswax but the one on the right has the local beeswax and the honey scent comes through. Sweet! Because of the quantity, I have enough to play with. Beeswax candles, coming up? I can't wait to try them.


  1. How nice it must "bee" to have a local beeswax and honey supplier! I've been thinking about trying a lip balm made with beeswax. Just gotta get some supplies. Can't wait to see your candles!

  2. Think of the wonderful things you could do with this beeswax....lucky you! It looks so rich, and I can just imagine how wonderful the natural fragrance is!